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Hidden Necro

Hidden Necro (skill bar)

No one ever expects the elementalist of being the necromancer in TAs. With a superior amount of energy, thanks to energy storage, the Hidden Necro exceeds at dishing out the dps while still hiding its ace in the hole until a key moment in the game. Early on in the game, the numerous glyph of immolationed flares and deathly swarms bring on the pain coupled with a conjured flame wand. At the right time after the death of the enemy use glyph of essence with Flesh Golem for an instant overpowered minion. Don't worry about losing all your energy - you won't need it with all the dps from your elite minion. After your minion has wrecked considerable havok, use verata's sacrifice to counter degen on the minion and fire storm to finish off anyone left standing. (more)

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